All orders are on Proforma basis

Orders before 3pm will usually be despatched that day.

Delivery is next day as standard (not guaranteed)

Delivery charge is £10 regardless of quantity or value of order

All stock is in real time

International orders require us to calculate a shipping price before completion

Please check your junk mail if you have not received order confirmation

Enquiries outside of business hours (8am-4pm Mon - Thurs, 8am-2pm Fri) will be dealt with the following working day

Please check your goods inward before enquiring about delivery status

If the part you require states 'contact us' it may be unavailable or available as a used item

All parts are manufactured in house, to original specification

Startrite serial numbers were only put on machines, they were never logged anywhere, on some Table Saws the first 3 numbers are the model, if you are not sure which model you have please email us a picture of the machine

We do not sell band wheel tyres, Startrite never sold band wheel tyres, you can buy band wheel tyres online from other suppliers but they dont not work as they are flat and need to have a camber, the band wheels have rubber bonded to them which is non removable and comes as a whole band wheel ready to work, we do not offer re-rubbering services only brand new complete band wheels

If you have a H machine and you don't recognise any parts you could have a HB machine that was badged incorrectly as a H, especially if its grey and white, so please check both parts lists