We now offer servicing and repairs in our workshop. Often the problem can be isolated and the assembly can be removed and delivered easily to our premises, where one of our specialist technicians can diagnose the problem and advise on a repair or replacement.

Our technicians only service and repair Startrite machines, where their specialist knowledge and insight into Startrite machines can resolve issues quickly. As we manufacture and stock original Startrite spares we can streamline the repair process, shortening break down times.

If you have a horizontal machine we highly recommend you send it into our workshop as they require a lot of specialist tools to service and repair. As we have all the spares in our warehouse we can turn jobs around quickly without the expense of travelling time, we can arrange transport if necessary.

If you have a 14,18,20,24 & 30 V,T & S series Vertical bandsaw and require a gearbox repair we offer a loan gearbox or 5 Speed Pulley Assembly to keep your machine working while we asses your gearbox for repair.

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